How much does registering a company cost?
The fee of a simple company registration is $489 (AU Dollars & GST included). This includes the compulsory government fee of $457 and our basic service fee of $32 (GST inclusive). For a small additional fee we will ensure the company registration is done in a timely manner, liaise with the government agency and provide you with the company’s documentation including the constitution.
For an additional small fee (check our pricing page), we will register the company for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and Tax File Number (TFN) F Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Pay As You Go Withholding (PAYG). This will save you time and hassle in filling out additional forms and liaise with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
How long will the registration process take?
We will endeavour to register your company within 24 hours. This includes obtaining the company’s ACN and if requested ABN, GST and PAYG registration. Where there is insufficient or incorrect information, it may take longer than 24 hours. Please note that If you have requested TFN registration, the Australian Taxation Office may take up to 28 days to process the application
There may be a delay in the registration of your company due to manual processing by ASIC, ASIC server issues, manual processing by the ATO, ATO server issues, Company Online server issues or other issues outside of our control.
I made a mistake in my application, how do I fix it?
If your company has been registered, you may lodge the appropriate ASIC form with its respective fee in order to update the details of your company. For example:
  • Incorrect company name (including typing mistakes) - form 205 (fee: $377)
  • Incorrect personal details including name, date of birth and address– form 492 (fee: $Nil)
  • Missing Director – form 484 (fee $Nil)
  • Missing Shareholder – form 484 (fee $Nil)
Forms can be lodged over the counter at an ASIC office, by post, or by lodging online. To lodge online you will need your corporate key. This is sent to your registered office by ASIC upon registration. When you have this key you can register for online access with ASIC to lodge forms.
If your company has not been registered, please forward the correct details as soon as possible to to ensure we include the correct details on the company application and (if applicable ABN application).
Is Company Online authorised to register the company and its ABN?
We are an Approved and Registered ASIC (No. 31795) and Tax Agent (No. 17597015). As ASIC Agents, we can lodge documents including company registrations on behalf of third parties. Furthermore, unlike other online company registration website, we are also a Tax Agent. This means we are authorised to apply on behalf of companies to register them for ABN, TFN, GST and PAYG.
What type of company can I register through Company Online?
You may apply to register for proprietary companies limited by shares. This is by far the most common form of company and is almost always used for the conduct of small and medium sized businesses which choose to operate as a company.
What information do I need to provide to register a company?
The information you will need to gather includes:
  • Full name, full residential address and date and place of birth for each director and secretary (if applicable) of the company.
  • Full name, address and number of shares for each member of the company.
  • The address of the registered office and principal place of business.
What do I receive upon registration of my company?
We automatically prepare all documentation required for your company to be compliant under the Corporations act 2001 and more! Upon registration the following documents will be emailed to you and made available in our client area.
  • Official certificate of registration and ACN
    issued by ASIC.
  • Company officer consent forms
    All required company officer consent forms created from your answers and if required, consent to use the address as the registered office.
  • Opening company minutes
    Contains all the resolutions for the formation of your company.
  • Minutes to open a bank account
    Some banks may require a minutes of meeting stating that they would like to open a bank account
  • Share member register
    Full register prepared with the relevant share & member details including class, issue price and balance.
  • Other registers These include:
  • Register of Options,
  • Register of Debentures,
  • Company Seal Register
  • Notice of Appointment of Public Officer
  • Notice of Non-Appointment of Auditor
  • Application for Shares and Standard share transfer form
  • Share certificates
    Share Certificates for each holding member
  • Constitution
    Client Copy of Lodgement
    A copy of the Form 201 used to form your company.
How will i receive my ACN and company documentation upon registration?
All documentation is in pdf format. Upon successful registration all documentation will be emailed to the provided applicant address.
Do I need to provide ID or sign anything?
No identification is required.
Do you provide a constitution?
Yes, we provide a constitution.
I haven't received my corporate key yet, can I please get it?
Once your company is registered, your corporate key is issued by post to your registered office The key is issued within 2 business days and may take a few more days to arrive at your registered address. If you still haven't received it after 5 business days you may need to request a new one ( )
I have a registered business name. Can I register that name as a company name?
Yes you can, you will need to provide the ABN of the registered business name in the application form.
Can I register a trust?
No, we do not setup trust. You may, however register the corporate trustee of a trust through Company Online. You may need to seek advice from a qualified lawyer to setup a trust.
Do you provide legal advice in forming companies?
As we are not lawyers, we do not provide legal advice to our customers. The information provided on this website or over the phone or online chat are general in nature and may not be applicable to your circumstances.
Can I use you Company Online for my registered office?
No, we do not offer or allow our address to be the registered address of any company.
Do you provide a common seal?
A common seal is a rubber stamp used to execute company documents. We do not provide a common seal. Since 1st July, 1998 the use of a common seal is optional. A document is considered correctly executed by a company if it is signed by two directors or a director and secretary or by a single director if he is the sole director and secretary.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal, VISA and Mastercard credit cards at time of submission via our secure payment system.
What is your refund policy?
If your company has not been registered, we can offer a refund of your fees.
If your company and ABN (if requested) has been registered, we will not refund the total fee.
If your company has been registered but the ABN has not been registered, we may only offer a refund of the fees relating to the ABN, TFN, GST and PAYG registration
In any circumstances, we will charge an administrative fee of $15 to process the refund.
Who can register an Australian company?
Anyone can, however, amongst other things, you must ensure you have at least one Australian resident director who is over 18 years of age and a physical Australian address of the registered office of the company.
How do I register my company?
If your company is not in financial difficulty and are able to pay its debt in, you can voluntarily deregister your company by lodging a form 6010 with its appropriate fee to ASIC.
Can I form a company with just one person?
Yes, a proprietary company limited by shares can have one director and one share member who may be the same person.
Is the electronic certificate of registration sufficient to set up a bank account?
Yes, the electronic Certificate of Registration you receive by email is the original and the standard certificate issued by ASIC. The certificate should be sufficient proof of the company and a bank should accept it to enable you to open a business bank account.
In the event that the bank rejects the certificate and asks for an “original certificate”, then the bank can check the above information with ASIC by calling ASIC on 1300 300 630 to confirm the legitimacy of the electronic certificate.
What is an ultimate holding company?
In general terms, an ultimate holding company is a company (parent company) that owns or controls more than 50% of the shares of another company and there are no other company that controls the parent company. The parent company doesn’t have to directly hold the shares in its name, it can control a company indirectly through other companies. The key element is control. One company controls a second company if it has the capacity to determine the outcome of the decisions of the second company's financial and operating policies.
Can I add more directors in the future?
The company may appoint more directors in the future by recording the appointment and signed by the new director. Thereafter, the company must then notify ASIC of the appointment by lodging an ASIC form 484 within 28 days after appointment.
Can a trust be a shareholder?
As a trust is not a legal entity, the trust itself cannot own shares. However, the trustee of a trust can own shares in a company. The trustee can either be a natural person or a company. If the company is issuing shares to a trustee, make sure you correctly answer the question on whether the shares are beneficially held.
How many shares should I issue?
The number of shares the company should issue depends on your circumstances. However, if you intend to incorporate a simple company where there are only 1 or 2 directors, then generally a company will issue a nominal amount of shares, say 100 shares at $1.00 each. If circumstances change in the future, the company can issue more shares.
What is a 'Public Officer'?
Under the Australian taxation law, generally companies that are carrying on business or deriving property income Australia will be required to appoint a public officer. The duty of the public officer is to ensure that the company pays the correct amount of tax. The public officer must be appointed within 3 months of the company:
  • Commencing to carry on business; or
  • First earning income in Australia.
The public officer must be at least 18 and must live in Australia.
What is a 'special purpose' company?
A special purpose company is a company that is set-up for a particular purpose which might be set-up solely to be
  • the trustee of an SMSF. or
  • it might be set-up solely to pursue certain charitable purposes.
What names I can choose for my company?
Generally, you are able to register any name, however you need to ensure that name is not taken by someone else to be too similar to a registered company or business name. There are also restrictions on certain words and language and other pitfalls if your chosen name is too similar to a trademark.
How do I update my registered company details?
To update your company details with ASIC, you will need to lodge the appropriate form with the relevant fee. The list of forms can be found on ASIC’s website. The most common form to update your details is the Form 484 (fee $Nil). You may, amongst other things, update the directors, shareholders and address of the company
Forms can be lodged over the counter at an ASIC office, by post, or by lodging online. To lodge online you will need your corporate key. This is sent to your registered office by ASIC upon registration. When you have this key you can register for online access with ASIC to lodge forms.
What is an ABN and it’s benefits?
Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11 digit identifier which:
  • helps you claim goods and services tax (GST) credits
  • lets you claim fuel tax credits you qualify for
  • if not quoted to businesses you deal with, may result in amounts being withheld from payments to you under pay as you go (PAYG) withholding
  • allows businesses to easily confirm your details for ordering and invoicing.
Will the company be entitled to an ABN?
Yes, companies incorporated through Company Online are eligible to apply for an ABN through Us.
Do you provide an ABN for the new company?
For a small additional fee, we can assist you in getting the company registered for an Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax File Number (TFN), Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding. This will save you time and hassle in filling out additional forms and liaise with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
What is the difference between your service and the official government website?
We offer the following services which the official government website doesn't provide:
  • Express Service - We endeavour to register an ABN for you within 24 hours (or 15 business minutes if you opt for the express service) by ensuring your details are correct and are consistent with the data held by the ATO. The official ATO service standard is 28 days. Please note that about 10% of all application submitted with us will be reviewed by the ATO
  • Easy Form - You can finish our 1 page ABN application form within a few minutes whereas the official form is at least 7 long pages.
  • Multiple Registrations - For a small additional fee, we can also help you register for GST, PAYG and a Business Name. All in one short form
  • Chartered Accountants - The registration process is reviewed by a chartered accountant, registered tax agent and registered asic agent. This means precision, accuracy and integrity.
  • Receive an Email and SMS - You will receive your ABN by email as well as SMS
  • Customer Service - If you have a question, you can quickly get in touch with us by email and/or phone. Dont spend 10 minutes waiting on the AT's phone for each question you have.
What information do I need to provide?
You simply need to fill out our easy application form asking for your details and the details of your new business (that you need the ABN for). The information we ask include your personal details, contact details and some info about your business. You do not need to provide us with any identification.
Where can I find out the details about an ABN number?
You can search for the detail about an ABN on
What is GST?
GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is levied at the point of sale for a majority of goods or services. The GST rate is currently 10% of the price of the goods or services.
What is the benefit of registering for GST?
If you have a high cost base, you are generally able to claim the GST that you've paid. Being GST Registered may show that the business is more established and not a disorganised small business; as businesses generally register when they reach the $75,000 threshold.
What are the disadvantages of registering for GST?
The consequences of registering for GST are that you have an administrative burden to collect, record and pay the GST. Furthermore, you may be seen as more expensive.
Do I have to pay GST for importing goods?
You are generally required to pay GST for importing goods.
What is PAYG Withholding?
PAYG stands for Pay As You Go. Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding is a system for withholding amounts from payments you make to employees and businesses so they can meet their end-of-year tax liabilities.
Do I have to register for PAYG Withholding?
You are generally required to register for PAYG Withholding if you have employees, have other workers or make payments to business that do not quote their ABN.
What happens after I register for PAYG Withholding?
Once you are registered for PAYG withholding, you must:
  • withhold from wages and other payments
  • lodge activity statements and make payment to the ATO
  • provide payment summaries to workers
  • lodge a PAYG withholding payment summary annual report to the ATO
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