How do you create an online course from a PowerPoint presentation?

Online learning is a growing trend, and teachers, trainers, and instructors are increasingly required to use online courses to combat the pandemic.

Even those with no teaching experience can now create and sell online courses in their area of expertise due to the booming eLearning market. Everyone is searching for new ways to sell and create courses.

PowerPoint slides have been the standard way to present information and support classroom lectures using visuals for many years. Many trainers have many PPT slides in their arsenal. PowerPoint makes it easy to create courses, even if you have to start from scratch. We’ve been using this tool for many years.

These slides may not be the best fit for training, however.

  • There are limited opportunities to deliver PowerPoints online.
  • Slides can be changed or copied by learners.
  • Slides aren’t meant to be used as a presumption of any assessment. They can also be used for training purposes rather than presentation.

Does this mean that it is time to get rid of PPTs? No. Slides can be repurposed for online learning in many ways. Three quick ways to make an online course using a PowerPoint presentation are discussed.

Convert PPT into HTML5

The HTML5 format makes it easy to make files available online. HTML5 courses can be displayed on any browser and mobile device. They can contain audio, video, triggers and animations. You can convert slides to HTML5 using converter software and plug-ins such as iSpring, Converter Pro and HTML5Point.

It is important to ensure that any slides you have contain animations, triggers, or video files. If you are unsure which tool is best for the job, iSpring Free and iSpring Converter Pro may be the right choice. You can publish your HTML5 course with just one click, and they will preserve all of the effects you have created. They are PowerPoint add-ins so that they can be used right within PowerPoint.

Which one should you choose? iSpring is a secure and reliable way to save your HTML5 slides completely free of charge. This is a simple solution to make your courses interactive. You can choose from three types of questions and also set feedback, time limits, and several attempts.

Turn PPT into SCORM

HTML5 is an option. However, if you want learner progress to be tracked and create a whole training system, publishing courses online will not suffice. You’ll need to upload them into a learning management software (LMS) like iSpring. eLearning offers a variety of standard formats that can be used for courses within an LMS. The most widely used eLearning format, SCORM, is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004, 3rd Edition.

Before SCORM, there wasn’t any guarantee that another LMS would show the course. Instructors couldn’t monitor students’ progress and get valuable statistics on it. Converting your slides to SCORM will bring you closer to eLearning and provide new opportunities. It is a tedious task to create SCORM courses manually. This requires patience, IT coding skills, and IT editing skills.

There are a few tools that can convert PowerPoint to SCORM. These include iSpring Free and iSpring Converter Professional, Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. It’s easy to put courses online in SCORM format using all iSpring tools. You can start the conversion by installing the tool, opening a PowerPoint presentation and clicking on the iSpring tab. Then click on ‘Publish’ to save your changes. Now you have an online course in ScoRM that you can upload to any LMS.

A PowerPoint-based authoring tool is a good choice

Full-fledged authoring software is a better choice if you look for creative and flexible ways to assess and engage learners. Authoring tools allow you to create a variety of digital learning content, including online tutorials and screencasts as well as quizzes, dialogue simulations and screencasts. iSpring suite Adobe Captivate and Articulate 360 are some of the most well-known authoring software.

Let’s talk about creating online courses using PowerPoint slides. You already know how you can use iSpring Suite if you are familiar with PowerPoint slides. This tab appears as an extra tab on your ribbon. You can launch the iSpring Suite menu right away after you have opened your slides.

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